Workshop PRICES

Fees: £200 per day  (half days also available)

*Materials not included*

Schools - clubs - communities

Workshops range from a short introduction to working with clay, to a series of sessions over several weeks. All workshops allow students to create at least one finished, fired piece of ceramic artwork.

Workshops are suitable for all ages and levels of ability including students with special needs.

Each basic workshop can be adapted for children of any age and tailored to the specific needs of each group.

Fees: £200 per day  (half days also available)

*Materials not included*

Basic Workshop Themes

The Magical Journey Of Clay (Sawdust Firing)

This workshop takes place over 2 sessions at least 2 weeks apart. 


First session: students will dig clay (if possible - if not I will bring recently dug clay), and will then make several small pieces which I will take away to be bisque fired (which strengthens them). 


Second session: students will build and fire a sawdust kiln, allowing them to engage more deeply with the transformational journey of clay, as well as becoming more familiar with its history, science and geology. (Safety note: this kiln smoulders for several hours needing minimum supervision.)

Make a Pot on the Pottery Wheel 

Using the portable electric potters wheel each student can have a go at throwing. Guaranteed that all students will make a pot.

Each student will also have the opportunity to work with clay by hand to produce items of their own choice or as part of a group project.

This work can then either be painted when dry by the students with their own paints, or with underglaze colours on a subsequent visit, or taken away to be glazed.

Travel With Clay

A workshop to explore your chosen historical period or geographical area through clay. Suitable periods can include Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Ancient China and Medieval.  


Masks and pots created during Africa Week at Mayfield School. 

Sessions can be busy, especially at weekends and school holidays - so to avoid disappointment please email to book!