Mary Cutchee

With an honours degree in Fine Art from St Martins School of Art, London I have been a practicing artist for 30 years as a painter and potter.

I have been Crazy About Clay since I was 5 years old and tried making pinch-pots from mud in the garden. These pots didn't work too well - luckily I've improved my methods since then - but the original thrill of working with clay remains.

My work as a teacher has been fuelled by my passion for imagination and expression, along with a desire to create opportunities for others to enjoy and develop their creativity. I've facilitated art and clay sessions in schools, colleges, museums, hospitals, shopping centres, parks and anywhere else it's possible to have fun making things.

Before moving to the UK I ran Trillium Orangeville Art Centre and was Director of the art programme at Trillium Montessori Elementary School in Ontario, Canada.

I'm delighted to be offering Crazy About Clay workshop sessions at Dartington.